Opeth releases My Arms, Your Hearse

My Arms, Your Hearse (often abbreviated to MAYH) is Opeth's third album, released in 1998.

This album marks a large stylistic change from their previous release, Morningrise, especially production-wise. All of the songs are shorter than ten minutes, in stark contrast to their prior albums on which most songs exceed this. The album features a heavier overall sound, cleaner production and fewer mellow acoustic parts (although, the album contains three instrumental tracks, "Prologue", "Madrigal", and "Epilogue" and one mellow track, "Credence" which is devoid of death metal vocals). This was also Opeth's first concept album.

This was Opeth's first album not to feature bassist Johan DeFarfalla and drummer Anders Nordin, who were both on the two previous records. Martin Lopez replaced Nordin after answering a newspaper ad, and shortly thereafter the band also brought in Martin Mendez, a friend and previous bandmate of Lopez, to replace DeFarfalla. However, Mendez did not have enough time to learn the bass parts for the album, so Mikael Ã…kerfeldt played bass at the recording session.