Crash of Thai Airways Flight 261

Thai Flight 261 left Bangkok at 17:40 for a 1:55min flight to Surat Thani.

Weather in the Surat Thani area was poor with limited visibility and heavy rainfall. The Airbus was on it's third landing attempt when it stalled and crashed about three to five km southwest of the airport in a rubber plantation.

During its third landing attempt, the aircraft crashed just outside the Surat Thani airport. The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani. There were 90 fatalities among the 132 passengers and 11 fatalities among the 14 crew members.

Thai Flight 261 carrying 146 people on board took off from Don Mueang International Airport at 11:40 UST on a two hour flight to Surat Thani. When the aircraft began to descend to Surat Thani Airport, the weather was bad with heavy rain and poor visibility, and the pilot executed a missed approach two times. On a third attempt to land, the aircraft stalled and crashed two miles southwest of the airport, killing 101 people and injuring 45 people. 90 passengers (out of 132) and 11 crew members (out of 14) died. Probable cause of the crash was determined to be "spatial disorientation when the nose pitched up sharply during a night time approach in stormy weather"