Dream Theater Releases Falling Into Infinity

Falling into Infinity is the fourth studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, released in 1997.

It was recorded in 1997 at Avatar Studios in New York, a return from their previous release, the EP A Change of Seasons, which with the exception of the title track was recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London, England. It continued the more progressive metal sound Awake started, but to much less critical and commercial acclaim. It is also the only studio album to feature keyboardist Derek Sherinian (as A Change of Seasons is not considered an album by the band). LaBrie's limited vocal range after rupturing his vocal cords is shown on the album, with most of the vocals being in the lower range, in contrast to earlier releases, which were often high-pitched.

Falling into Infinity has garnered mixed critical and fan acclaim. Jeremy Ulrey of Allmusic called the album a "disappointment", citing its "trimmed-down production" and the band's laid-back approach as detrimental elements to the quality of the output as a whole. Murat Batmaz of the popular progressive rock/metal review database Sea of Tranquility claimed that, while he disagreed with the overwhelmingly negative response certain fans gave the record upon its initial release, Falling into Infinity is "not DT's finest moment".

Track Listing:

1. "New Millennium"
2. "You Not Me"
3. "Peruvian Skies"
4. "Hollow Years"
5. "Burning My Soul"
6. "Hell's Kitchen"
7. "Lines in the Sand"
8. "Take Away My Pain"
9. "Just Let Me Breathe"
10. "Anna Lee"
11. "Trial of Tears"
* I. "It's Raining"
* II. "Deep in Heaven"
* III. "The Wasteland"