Street Fighter III 2nd Impact is Released

Released on October 1997, the second installment of Street Fighter III brought back all the characters from the first game and introduced two new ones: Hugo and Urien.

Yun and Yang from the first game also became separate characters, with Yang receiving his unique set of Special Moves and Super Arts to distinguish him from Yun. Series' recurring hidden character Akuma also returned as a secret computer-controlled challenger and selectable character. Thus the playable character roster increased to 14. In addition to the regular Akuma, a non-playable computer-controlled version named "Shin Akuma" also appears in the single-player mode.

In addition to Super Arts, the player can also perform slightly more powerful versions of their Special Moves called EX Specials. By using a certain portion of Super Art gauge (particularly after it begins to flash), the player can perform an EX Special version of a regular Special Move by inputting the command and pressing two attack buttons instead one. Other new abilities added to the game are "grapple defense", the ability to escape from a throwing attack, and "personal action", a character-specific taunt. Each character's personal action is also accompanied by an additional benefit if completed successfully; for example, Ryu's lowers his stun gauge. If a second-player interrupts the gameplay to challenge the other player, then the first player will be allowed to change the Super Art of his or her selected character.

The single player mode was changed slightly from the first game. The player faces against series of eight opponents, including a character-specific final opponent, who will exchange dialogue with the player's character before the match. If certain requirements are met, then the player will also face a rival character during the course of the single player mode and exchange dialogue before a match. If certain other requirements are met, the player will also face against the CPU-controlled Akuma instead of the character's usual final opponent in the single-player mode and depending on the player's performance in his or her fight against Akuma, then a match against a more powerful version of Akuma known as Shin Akuma will also take place. 2nd Impact brings back the concept bonus rounds, which was last seen in Super Street Fighter II. At the end of the third CPU match, then the player will participate in a minigame dubbed "Parry the Ball", in which the player can practice his or her parrying skills against a series of basketballs thrown towards the player by Sean.

Hugo is a member of the Andore family, a group of Andre look-a-likes from Capcom's Final Fight series and his manager is Poison, a scantily-clad female enemy from Final Fight.