U2 releases "Please" single

"Please" is the fourth single from U2's 1997 album, Pop.

As "Sunday Bloody Sunday", the song is about The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The single cover for this song features the pictures of four Northern Irish politicians — Gerry Adams, David Trimble, Ian Paisley, and John Hume (clockwise from top left). Two months before the release of the single, live versions of "Please" and three other songs from the PopMart Tour were released on the Please: Popheart Live EP in September 1997.

1. "Please" (Single Version) — 5:36
2. "Dirty Day" (Junk Day) — 4:41
3. "Dirty Day" (Bitter Kiss) — 4:32
4. "I'm Not Your Baby" (Skysplitter Dub) — 5:47