"The Little Jerry" - Season 8 Episode 11 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Little Jerry" is the 145th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

This was the 11th episode for the 8th season. It aired on January 9, 1997. Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine each have separate plot lines which converge in the course of the episode.


After Jerry passes a bad check at Marcelino's (Miguel Sandoval) bodega, everyone begins to make comments about it. Jerry's parents find out about the check and offer to send money.


Through the Foundation, George gets the opportunity to visit a women's prison. He is disappointed when the facility doesn't meet his impression of what he thinks a women's prison should be. He does, however, meet a convict named Celia (Andrea Bendewald) and decides to ask her out. He enjoys the liberation that dating a convict offers.

When Celia comes up for parole, however, George's relationship hangs on the brink: he wants her to remain in prison so he can continue to have the freedom that came with the relationship. At her parole hearing, George testifies in a manner that is likely to keep her incarcerated.


Kramer decides to purchase a pet hen for eggs, but inadvertently gets a rooster that he names "Little Jerry Seinfeld." After observing Little Jerry ("Little Yerry Seinfeld") fight off a dog, Kramer enters him into a cockfight, which he wins.


Elaine is dating a man named Kurt (John Michael Higgins) who shaved his head for swimming and kept it shaved. Upon seeing his driver's license photo, she learns he once had a fine head of hair. She convinces him to start growing it back, but when he does, he shows signs of hair-loss. He begins to feel despondent and in an effort to cope with his baldness, seeks advice from George. As a result of this advice, Kurt proposes to Elaine.

George experiences "fugitive sex" when Celia breaks out after her parole was denied. Celia is tracked down and Kurt is mistaken for George. He is arrested and jailed for fighting with the police officer. When Elaine finds out he will be bald by the time he gets out, she gives Kurt back his ring.

Kramer enters "Little Jerry" in a cockfight on the condition that, if Little Jerry wins the fight, Marcelino will take down Jerry's bad check. Jerry's bad check doesn't come down, because Marcelino wants Jerry to have "Little Jerry" throw the fight in the third round (this is impossible, as cockfights are not broken into rounds and cocks are naturally aggressive towards one another). Jerry and Kramer train "Little Jerry" for the big cockfight. Kramer, Jerry, and Elaine attend the cockfight. Marcelino brings a "ringer" from Ecuador in for the big fight; Kramer tries to save "Little Jerry" but pays the price when he is attacked by Marcelino's bird.