Weezer release Pinkerton

Pinkerton is the second studio album by American alternative rock band Weezer, released on September 24, 1996.

The album was seen as a departure from the band's original power pop sound for a somewhat darker and more abrasive sound. Upon its release in 1996, the album was initially considered a critical and commercial failure; Pinkerton has since risen in stature to become one of the most highly-regarded albums of the 1990s, receiving much critical acclaim, and is now considered one of the most important albums of the decade. The album was certified gold in the United States in 2001. As of August 2009, Pinkerton has amassed U.S. sales of 852,000. It also went gold in Canada, with sales of over 50,000. It was the last Weezer album to feature bassist Matt Sharp.