Sublime release Sublime

Sublime is the third and final album released by ska-punk band Sublime.

Originally intended to be titled Killin' It, the band and record label agreed to substitute an eponymous title due to lead singer Bradley Nowell's death prior to the album's release. After debating whether to hire a replacement for Nowell or break up, the surviving members decided to end Sublime.

The album was a major commercial success, going five times platinum by 1999 and etching Sublime into a permanent place among the stars of mid-90s alternative rock. The album was faithful to Sublime's ska, dub, and reggae influences, with tempos ranging from the frantic — such as "Seed," "Same in the End," and "Paddle Out" — to the slow and deliberate, such as "Pawn Shop" and "Jailhouse."

Sublime marked the band's only album on a major label (MCA) after several releases on Skunk Records.