The Vandals release The Quickening

The Quickening is the fifth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, released in 1996 by Nitro Records.

Much of the album is characterized by themes of nihilism and anarchism, but presented with the tongue-in-cheek humor for which the band is known.

Both the band and the album attracted increased attention due to their involvement with the film Glory Daze. The Vandals recorded several songs for the film's soundtrack, including the main theme, and the soundtrack album was released on their Kung Fu Records label that had been started by guitarist Warren Fitzgerald and bassist Joe Escalante earlier that year. An independent music video was filmed for the song "It's a Fact" and two versions were released: one with clips from the movie and one without. Because drummer Josh Freese was not available due to other commitments, regular substitute Brooks Wackerman appears in the video as the band's drummer.