Operation Grapes of Wrath

Operation Grapes of Wrath is the Israeli Defense Forces code-name (Hezbollah calls it April War) for a sixteen-day military blitz against Lebanon in 1996 in an attempt to end shelling of Northern Israel by Hezbollah.

Israel conducted more than 1,100 air raids and extensive shelling (some 25,132 shells). A UN installation was also hit by Israeli shelling causing the death of 118 Lebanese civilians. (Amnesty 1996) 639 Hezbollah cross-border rocket attacks targeted northern Israel, particularly the town of Kiryat Shemona. (HRW 1997) Hezbollah forces also participated in numerous engagements with Israeli and South Lebanon Army forces. The conflict was de-escalated on 27 April by a ceasefire agreement banning attacks on civilians.