Bubsy 3D is Released for the Playstation

Bubsy 3D uses the third-person, behind-the-character view as seen in Mario 64 and Tomb Raider.

Only here it's combined with mundane jumping/shooting/gliding action. (For reasons never explained in any of his game incarnations, Bubsy has the flying squirrel-esque ability to glide downward after jumping.) As players explore each level, they collect atoms (instead of coins/rings/wool), jump on or shoot the assortment of alien enemies, and search for rocket parts (the game's "cool secrets" component). But the controls don't feel right - Bubsy's inertia is off, which makes the jumps more frustrating than they should be (and jumping is activity No. 1 in an action/platform game). There's just not a gameplay hook here.

Bubsy handles like a runaway train. Once you get him going, he can't stop until well after you've hit the creature you were trying to avoid and the twenty feet of lava behind it. You'll constantly be sliding out of control past hallways you wanted, and since all of the walls are the same flat unchanging color, you may never be able to find your way back. And you should also know that the whole time this torture is going on, your fucking cat is screaming obnoxious catchphrases. If that sounds like something you'd like, then you might also like chewing on a piece of tin foil that a fat person was using as underwear, freak.