Fourteen-Story Apartment Building Collapses in Cairo, Egypt

A 14-story apartment building collapsed in Cairo Sunday, killing at least four people.

More than 100 people were still missing.

Rescue workers were trying to free five people trapped beneath the rubble early Monday, after hearing voices call for help.

"I'm Mostafa. I'm Mostafa. I've got three others here with me," the workers heard a man shout from under the debris.

Another survivor was found at the top of the mound of rubble. The woman was trapped under what used to be a ceiling.

The building collapsed around 6 p.m. local time on a busy suburban street.

An apartment block in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis collapses, killing 64. The owner is later sentenced to a seven-year prison term for manslaughter

On October 27, 1996, a twelve-storied building collapsed in the city of Heliopolis, near Egypt's capital city, Cairo. Sixty-four people died in this accident.