Nissan Presea R11 is First Produced

The Nissan Presea was a compact car, produced for the Asian market from 1990 to 2000.

It competed with entry level luxury 4-door hardtop sedans that were popular in Japan during the '90s, notably the Toyota Carina ED, Toyota Corona EXiV, Subaru Legacy, Mazda (Efini) MS-8, Honda Vigor sedan, and the Mitsubishi Emeraude.

"Presea (Presea)",is Spanish for "jewel" or "important".

The R11 Presea launched in 1995 was slightly lengthened. In some countries including Japan, the venerable SR18DE with 125 hp replaced the 110 hp SR18D(i) engine, alongside with GA15DE and SR20DE engines. It still had the same drive-train as Nissan Sunny B14 (1994-1998) and the same frame-less door windows as the R10 Nissan Presea, although it was a little longer (4425 mm + 2525 mm wheelbase) wider (1695 mm) and taller (1325 mm).
In Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand, the R11 Presea came predominantly with the ancient 1.6L GA16DE. With essentially every curve and panel being unchanged, and only a fresher looking headlights and rear lamp cluster the car still had the same old Macpherson struts suspension up front and rear multi link geometry. Market demand for such a car fell rapidly, which was similar to the disappearance of the 4-door Honda Integra. The demand for luxury compacts had fizzled out.