Nissan Bluebird U14 is First Produced

Nissan switched to boxy styling for the U14 Bluebird for January 1996.

The American Altima had different front and rear ends, in keeping with its sports sedan positioning. But in its home market, the Bluebird was targeted more at buyers who favoured the formality of larger Japanese sedans. However, the SSS trim was retained, though it no longer referred to a truly sporting model in the range. To fit in with a lower bracket in Japanese taxation legislation, the U14 retained a 1,700 mm width.
Several four-door versions of the sedan, including an All Wheel Drive version(ATTESA), were offered. The hardtop, and the option of a 1.6 L engine, were removed with the choice being either the SR18(DE) or SR20(DE). The Nissan Hyper CVT automatic transmission was available in this generation along with standard 4 speed auto, 5 speed manual and the All Wheel drive 5 speed manual.
The U14 Bluebird still keeps the Bluebird's sporting heritage open and proves to be a popular performance sedan with many people transplanting in the SR20DET from the Pulsar GTI-R.