Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side

Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (also known as Eternal Champions 2 or Eternal Champions CD) is a fighting video game for the Sega CD. It was published in 1995 during the waning days of the Sega CD's lifespan and was revered as one of the system's most technically impressive releases. The game was a semi-sequel to the Sega Genesis game Eternal Champions and was part two of a proposed trilogy of games by Sega that would have cumuluated in a third and final game on the Sega Saturn. Both games were developed by an internal team at Sega named Deep Water, and both were designed by Michael Lantham, a developer with Sega of America from their early days.

In North America, the game earned an M (for Mature) rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board for its graphic violence and gore. In Europe, it earned both a 18+ ELSPA rating and a 15 BBFC rating.


I am the Eternal Champion!

My Purpose is to maintain the balance between good and evil, light and
darkness, hope and dispair. However, the balance has been lost.
Soon the very fabric that holds the world together will be torn apart.

Your future, my present has been destroyed by a cruel and unjust twist of fate.
Nine individuals from various periods in time were killed before their lives
could affect this dark existence.

I have spent centuries harnessing my power for this special event I am about to call
an event that will challenge these nine against each other for the chance to bring balance
to the world. Even with the powers I gained from the martial arts masters that lived before me,
I can only award one of these individuals with the gift of life.
Each can have an equally profound effect on the future.