Bon Jovi release These Days

These Days is Bon Jovi's sixth studio album, released on June 27, 1995.

This was the first album Bon Jovi released after the departure of bassist Alec John Such. Hugh McDonald unofficially replaced Such as bassist. The album, produced by Peter Collins, was an overall darker album in contrast to the band's usual brand of feel-good, inspiring rock songs and love ballads. At the time of release, the album was a huge commercial hit, particularly in Europe and Japan, but failed to impress the audience in the United States. In the UK, the album was particularly notable for producing four Top 10 hit singles. The high sales of the album in Europe warranted a re-issue of the album under the name of These Days Special Edition a year after its original release.

Bon Jovi's 'These Days' may be regarded as a concept album by some by its re-iteration of the title in many of the albums tracks.