"The Diplomat's Club" - Season 6 Episode 22 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Diplomat's Club" is the 108th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

This was the 22nd episode for the 6th season. It aired on May 4, 1995.

Plot Summary:

Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club, but his assistant makes the trip a nightmare. Elaine says she will quit working for Mr. Pitt, but finds out that she's going to be in his will. George tries to prove to his boss that he is not a racist when he says his boss looks like Sugar Ray Leonard. Mr. Pitt goes to the pharmacy and mistakes Jerry for a pharmacist as he is re-stocking a display that Kramer had knocked over. Jerry then proceeds to give Mr. Pitt some medications. Kramer meets a rich Texan, Earl Haffler, with whom he starts making bets. Jerry's assistant invites the pilot to his comedy routine which makes Jerry extremely nervous. George is so desperate to find an African-American to pose as his friend, that he asks the African-American man whose house he invaded in The Couch. When he refuses, he tries to befriend Carl, the exterminator who fumigated Jerry's apartment for fleas in The Doodle.

After Mr. Pitt nearly dies due to taking a cold medication that contraindicated with his heart medication, he suspects Elaine is trying to kill him after seeing Jerry on the news and remembering that Jerry gave him the medications. His attorney remembered that Jerry called for Elaine and assumes that they are in a plot to kill him which leads to Elaine subsequently getting fired. Kramer loses the betting money after Elaine informs him that Jerry caused a disturbance on the flight from Ithaca, delaying the flight by an hour. When the Texan hears this, he thinks that the whole thing was rigged and walks away in disgust. George & Carl go to a posh restaurant where Morgan is eating as George asks Carl to pose as his friend. When Carl introduces himself as the exterminator, George covers up with a phony story. The plot backfires when Carl admits to Morgan that he is actually an exterminator. Morgan then tells George that he has sunk to a new low and leaves in disgust. The black waiter sees Carl and says "Sugar Ray Leonard can eat on the house", which proves George was right and sends him sprinting after Morgan.