"The Kiss Hello" - Season 6 Episode 17 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Kiss Hello" is the one-hundred and third episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

This was the 17th episode for the 6th season. It aired on February 16, 1995. Although this was the 103rd episode to air, the cast and crew of the series credit this as the 100th episode because it is the 100th episode created.

Plot Summary:

Jerry's Nana calls him to open up a bottle of ketchup. While walking down the street, Jerry and George meet Elaine and her friend, Wendy, who is a physical therapist. Jerry regrets once kissing Wendy on the cheek because now he has to kiss hello every time. George asks Wendy for treatment for a sore arm.

At Monk's, Elaine scolds George for asking Wendy questions about her work outside her office. They discuss Wendy's old, 1960s-style hairdo and think only the blunt Kramer would comment on it in front of her. Kramer wants to put each tenant's picture up in the building's lobby so everybody will get to know each other better. Jerry has decided he will no longer kiss hello.

When Jerry goes to Nana's place, Uncle Leo is also there. Nana mentions something about Leo owing $50 to Jerry's mother, Helen. Back at his apartment, Jerry finds Kramer rummaging for a picture of him. Jerry calls his mother to ask her about the 50 dollars. Elaine wants Kramer to come back in a while to meet Wendy. Jerry's father, Morty, is shown doing calculations about the interest Helen would take from the $50 after 50 years. Wendy enters the apartment and Jerry avoids kissing her by pretending to search for something in the back of the refrigerator while saying hello. When Kramer enters again, he snaps a Polaroid picture of Jerry. Unlike most people, Kramer finds Wendy's haircut to be perfect for her, and tells her so.

Because he compliments her hair, Wendy tells Elaine that she is interested in dating Kramer. George had to cancel his previous appointment with Wendy, but because he didn't give 24 hours' notice, he gets charged for the missed appointment anyway.

Since Kramer has placed all of the tenants' photos on the wall in the building lobby, everyone has become extremely friendly. Unfortunately for Jerry, he is kissed hello by a neighbor. His mother, Helen, calls, saying Uncle Leo put Nana on a nursing home; Jerry thinks uncle Leo is trying to "silence" Nana from talking about the $50.

Jerry is annoyed because now every female tenant kisses him hello. Jerry argues with Kramer about it and, as George arrives, Kramer kisses Jerry.

Wendy cancels her appointments to go skiing with Elaine. George demands getting paid for his time because he wasn't told with 24 hours of anticipation. Jerry informs the other tenants that he will no longer be kissing hello. Later he visits Nana and talks to her old neighbor, Buddy, who corroborates that Uncle Leo didn't pay to Helen. Elaine injures her shoulder carrying her equipment because Wendy wouldn't drive her three blocks to her apartment.

When Elaine can't get any complimentary treatment by Wendy she tells her about her hairdo. When Jerry gets back to his apartment, his picture is defaced, and nobody wants to talk to him.

In the last shot, Kramer is having some tenants over in his apartment. When Jerry stops by, Kramer tells him that he has broken up with Wendy because she changed her hairstyle. He won't allow Jerry in so as not to upset the visiting tenants, who are no longer friendly towards him.