"The Gum" - Season 7 Episode 10 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Gum" is the 120th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

This was the 10th episode for the 7th season. It aired on December 14, 1995.

Plot Summary:

Kramer is active in the re-opening of the Alex movie theater. George's friend Lloyd Braun, who had a mental breakdown after messing up David Dinkins reelection campaign in The Non-Fat Yogurt, has a pack of Chinese chewing gum that Kramer insists everyone tries. George begs off, stating that he doesn't chew gum.

At the theater, Elaine doesn't want to sit near Braun, so she invents the story that she has to sit with Jerry close to the screen because he supposedly forgot his glasses. While watching the movie, an ivory button of Elaine's falls off, and she accidentally "reveals herself" to Lloyd and Kramer. Elaine's exposed blouse convinces a policeman to tell a florist to disconnect a hose he was washing the sidewalk with.

George visits a friend, Deena, and her father who had a mental breakdown. Deena's father starts tinkering with George's car's engine. George thinks a cashier at Monk's kept a 20 dollar bill of his that he doodled on. He pursues her, and has to buy a pack of gum to look inside the register, much to the surprise of Lloyd, who thought George didn't chew gum. While confronting the cashier in her car on the street, George's "Jon Voight Car" catches fire from the above mentioned engine work, and it can't be put out by the hose because the florist had to disconnect it.

Jerry must wear glasses while around Lloyd to keep with Elaine's excuse. He exchanges glasses when the ones he got from the lost and found were discovered to belong to Jeffrey Harharwood, an elderly man who owns a film costume institute. The new glasses Jerry wears make it impossible to see clearly, and he inadvertently gives Lloyd a $100 bill to buy the Chinese gum. Kramer eats a hot dog "from the Silent era" and throws up on the sidewalk, and the florist brings his hose back out to clean it. Elaine confronts him about this and he accidentally sprays her. When she comes to the Alex in a wet shirt, Kramer reprimands her because "the Alex is a family theater."

George's friend Deena thinks he is showing signs of being on the verge of a breakdown, when he tries to explain the true situation, which sounds ridiculous to her. George wears a Henry VIII costume for a movie, and discovers he had the $20 bill all along, but Deena sees him in the costume and think he has had a breakdown. Elaine sees the button on the elderly man and undoes it.