Mr. Bungle release Disco Volante

Disco Volante is a 1995 album by the band Mr. Bungle.

It is by far the most experimental of all their productions as it picks up inspirations from a wide variety of musical styles, including death metal, techno, 50s space age pop, musique concrète and Italian avant-garde.

Mike Patton also uses a great number of vocal effects boxes and samples throughout the album, most noticeably in songs like "Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz" and "The Bends".

The title refers to the name of a yacht featured in the James Bond film, Thunderball. Mr. Bungle had previously done a cover version of the film's theme song.

The album also contains a hidden track (hidden in a double-groove on the US vinyl release; after 'Carry Stress In The Jaw' on the UK vinyl release) after "Carry Stress In The Jaw." This track was originally recorded without bassist Trevor Dunn's input or knowledge; although, shortly before its release, Dunn managed to find it and added a vocal track. Though never explicitly stated, it is believed (by Dunn) that the drums were played by McKinnon, and the bass by Patton.

The songwriting credits in the album's booklet include the section "Nothing - Words: Lengyel; Music: Heifetz". This is not, as some people believe, the name and credits for the end section of "Merry Go Bye Bye" (the song preceding it in the list), but is a joke at the expense of Lengyel and Heifetz, who had no songwriting credits for material appearing on the album.

"Carry Stress In The Jaw" is subtitled "Sleep: Part II" and "Phlegmatics" is "Sleep: Part III." Part I is "Slowly Growing Deaf" from the self-titled album. All three songs were written by Trevor Dunn, who didn't decide to make "Slowly Growing Deaf" part I until after the other two were written for Disco Volante. The three songs share themes dealing with body parts.

Trey Spruance has stated that the 10 part song/instrumental "The Bends" is inspired by Joe Meek's music, specifically "I Hear a New World". The band played excerpts from "The Bends", all of which have an underwater/aquatic them in the title or sound, on the following tour to support the album.

This would be Lengyel's final album with the band, leaving shortly after the tour due to "artistic differences." Heifetz would later comment, "I miss him. He added a huge chemical imbalance that helped us on the road. He hates us and rightfully so. The music changed, plain and simple. Very little call for saxes, trombone or flute. He was an original member. I'm not. Makes me feel a bit like a union-buster."

The album was re-released on Vinyl in January 2009 on Plain Recordings. Two versions are available, a Limited Edition (1000) green vinyl with a bonus 7" featuring "Platypus", as well as a standard black vinyl without the 7".

Disco Volante spawned a number of officially unreleased demos (circulated on peer-to-peer sharing networks), 'Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz', 'Coldsore' and 'Spy'. Coldsore featured portions later used in 'Love On The Event Horizon'. 'Spy' didn't feature on the release at all. The vocal effect in this song (at 4.48) is very similar to the voice of Alpha 60 in Juc-Luc Godard's science fiction film-noir Alphaville, using a mechanical voice box to create the effect.