Rosa Parks is attacked in her appartment

On August 30, 1994, Joseph Skipper, an African-American drug addict, attacked 81-year-old Parks in her home.

The incident sparked outrage throughout America. After his arrest, Skipper said that he had not known he was in Parks' home but recognized her after entering. Skipper asked, "Hey, aren't you Rosa Parks?" to which she replied, "Yes." She handed him $3 when he demanded money, and an additional $50 when he demanded more. Before fleeing, Skipper struck Parks in the face.[35] Skipper was arrested and charged with various breaking and entering offenses against Parks and other neighborhood victims. He admitted guilt and, on August 8, 1995, was sentenced to eight to 15 years in prison.

Attacked in Her Home

In August of 1994, Rosa Parks was alone in her apartment when an African American drug addict named Joseph Skipper broke in and attacked her. Skipper did not know, when he first broke in, whose home he was in. Only after getting a good look at her did he realize who she was. He even asked her if he was right. Still, he continued on with his plan to rob her and, on his way out the door, he struck her in the face. He was arrested and sentenced to a prison term of 8 to 15 years for breaking and entering into Rosa's house and other local homes.

MUNISING, Mich., March 19 — A man who beat Rosa Parks and took $53 from her in a break-in at her Detroit home in 1994 says he dreams of redemption.

In a prison interview published Sunday in The Detroit News, the man, Joseph Skipper, 40, repeatedly apologized for the attack and said he cried when he learned that Ms. Parks had died in October.

Mr. Skipper is serving an 8- to 15-year sentence at the Alger Maximum Correctional Facility in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

"I will go down in history as the man who robbed Rosa Parks," Mr. Skipper said. "I'm sorry that she died. I was hoping to get out in time to tell her I was sorry."

Mr. Skipper, who broke into Ms. Parks's home, hit her on the face and robbed her, blamed a drug problem for the crime. He pleaded guilty and apologized at his 1995 sentencing.

Ms. Parks was treated at a hospital after the assault and moved into a high-rise apartment building. She died in Detroit on Oct. 24 at 92.