"The Raincoats, Part 2" - Season 5 Episode 19 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Raincoats" is a two-part episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld.

It is the 82nd and 83rd episode. This was the 18th and 19th episode for the 5th season. The episode was first shown on NBC on April 28, 1994.

The episode was written by Tom Gammill, Max Pross, Larry David, and Jerry Seinfeld and it was directed by Tom Cherones.

Plot Summary:

Jerry and Rachel go to see Schindler's List but cannot help making out since they have not been alone in such a long time. Newman, also in the cinema, seems very displeased with what he is witnessing.

Jerry arrives back at his apartment; Helen and Morty quiz him about the film which Jerry bluffs his way out of. George goes back to Rudy’s to buy back his father’s clothes. After giving Rudy the money back, Rudy tells George that he burnt them because they were moth infested.

Newman, as expected, informs Helen and Morty that Jerry was making out with Rachel during Schindler's List. Jerry, in "trouble", realizes that Newman would be the one responsible for it. Jack Klompus rings again to tell Morty that he had to break a window to get into the garage to get the Executives and that they will be in New York City by 2:00 the next day. Morty decides that the trip to Paris will have to wait; since their flight is at 3:00 they will not be able to make it as the business deal is more important.

Kramer arrives at the Costanzas' for paella. Frank notices that Kramer is wearing one of his missing vacation shirts, which forces George to confess that he sold his vacation wear.

George asks Jerry for the tickets to France, as they are non-refundable and will not be used, so he can get a free to trip to Paris and become a hero in the Big Brother organization. Meanwhile, Rudy refuses to buy the Executives off Kramer and Morty; he now has a policy of not buying off the street after Frank’s clothes were moth-ridden. Frank appears at Rudy’s and argues with Morty. At the airport, Jerry and Elaine say farewell to Morty and Helen as they leave to return to Florida. Aaron goes crazy, thinking he could have done more to help them whilst they were in New York City. This is an allusion to the movie Schindler's List in which the title character, Oskar Schindler is in a state of aggrieved regretfulness for not being able to do more to help the doomed Jews during the Holocaust. In fact, Oskar and Aaron both go into the same type of monologue, in some parts saying the same phrases.

Jerry goes by Rachel’s house, but her father tells him to go away after explaining that his postman informed him of his "behavior" at Schindler's List with Rachel.

Back at Monk’s, Jerry tells Elaine that when his parents got home they had been completely robbed because Klompus never fixed the window. Newman comes into the shop and Jerry confronts him and chases him out into the streets. George is in Paris with Joey who is giving him a hard time. Helen and Morty go on a cruise and discover that the Costanzas are on the same one.