Magic Johnson Takes Over as Head Coach for Lakers

He returned to the NBA as coach of the Lakers near the end of the 1993–94 NBA season, replacing Randy Pfund.

After losing five of six games, Johnson announced he would resign after the season, choosing instead to purchase a 5% share of the team in June 1994.

Johnson could not let go of basketball. He announced his return to the NBA shortly before the 1992 season; after five preseason games he retired again, saying he wanted to stay healthy for his family. Johnson remained active in basketball, purchasing an ownership share in the Lakers and forming a team that played games around the world to benefit charities. He became a vice-president of the Lakers and took over as head coach of the team for the end of the 1992–93 season.

On Sept. 29, 1992, Johnson announced his comeback to the NBA but would later change his mind a month later, citing increasing concerns by his peers about playing basketball with him.

With an itch to still be involved in basketball, Johnson became head coach of the Lakers towards the end of the 1993-94 season, replacing Randy Pfund. After losing five out of his first six games as coach, Johnson announced he would resign at the end of the season. In 16 games, Johnson went 5-11 as head coach. Instead of coaching, Johnson would become a minority owner of the Lakers, purchasing 5 percent of the franchise in 1994.