Yes release Talk

Talk is the fifteenth studio album by progressive rock band Yes and was released in 1994.

Their first release with an independent label after having been distributed the length of their career thus far with Atlantic Records and Arista Records, Talk is also notable for being the last Yes recording with Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye.

Following the mammoth tour for Union in 1991, Bill Bruford, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman left the eight-member band. Wakeman was originally going to be part of the lineup, but conflicts with management kept this from happening. Remaining was the 1983-88 line-up of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye and Alan White.

With Rabin taking the lead - even producing the project himself, he attempted to re-introduce Yes to the 1990s with a lean, guitar-oriented sound. In taking such a strong role, he ensured he had a hand in writing every song, even overdubbing some of Chris Squire's bass parts (to Squire's minor annoyance).

Roger Hodgson, formerly of fellow progressive rock band Supertramp, wrote "Walls" with Anderson and Rabin. A demo of this song was recorded in 1990 and included on the Trevor Rabin demo album 90124.

In a 1993 interview, White mentioned a song called "Scarlet From The Tide". It is unknown whether this song became part of a track on the album or if it wasn't added at all.

Pop artist Peter Max created the artwork for Talk. In a 1993 interview, Alan White joked that the album would be called Crunching Numbers. Another working title was History of the Future.

After the album's release, guitarist Billy Sherwood toured with the band. Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye left the band in 1995, twelve years after teaming up with Jon Anderson, Chris Squire and Alan White. Sherwood would become an official member of Yes in 1997 after Rick Wakeman had re-joined and departed the band in the interim.