Frank Sinatra receives Legend Award at Grammy Awards

Sinatra was awarded the Legend Award at the 1994 Grammy Awards.

He was introduced by Bono, who said of Sinatra "Frank's the chairman of the bad attitude... rock 'n roll plays at being tough, but this guy is the boss. The chairman of boss... I'm not going to mess with him, are you?"[49] Sinatra called it "the best welcome...I ever had."[50] However, during his speech, Sinatra apparently ran too long and was curtly cut off by music, then commercials, leaving Sinatra looking confused while talking into a dead microphone.

In 1994, Bono is presenting a Grammy Award to the legendary Frank Sinatra. Obviously inebriated, Bono starts rambling and babbling. He calls Sinatra 'the Big Bang of pop' and other oddities. When Sinatra accepts the Grammy, he himself starts rambling and gets his speech abruptly cut off.