"The Race" - Season 6 Episode 10 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Race" is the 96th episode of the Seinfeld television series, the 10th episode of season six.

The episode first aired on December 15, 1994. The story follows Jerry as he meets an old rival, who suspects that he cheated in a high school race and wishes to re-run it. Elaine is put on a "blacklist" and finds out her boyfriend is a Communist, which sees George respond to a personal ad in the Daily Worker and Kramer, who is working as a department store Santa Claus, is eventually convinced to become a Communist by Elaine's boyfriend.

Plot Summary:

Jerry is at the office of his new girlfriend, Lois. It turns out that her boss is Duncan Meyer, an old high school rival of Jerry's. Elaine has a falling out with a Chinese delivery man, which subsequently causes her to be blacklisted from Hop Sing's delivery list. George notes to Elaine that Ned, her new boyfriend, has a copy of the Daily Worker, which prompts suspicion of Ned being a communist. George is intrigued by the personal ads, which remark "appearance is not important". Jerry arrives and George congratulates him on finally going out with a girl named Lois (in reference to Lois Lane). Jerry tells George about Duncan, and he explains the story to Elaine: in the 9th grade, Jerry had gotten a head start in a race that he won. No one knew but George, though Duncan has been suspicious ever since. Jerry never raced again, and a myth grew about his speed; now Duncan is back.

Jerry then picks up Lois, and Lois quizzes Jerry about cheating in the race. Jerry defends his win, and Lois believes him. Meanwhile, Ned openly admits to Elaine he is a communist. Jerry tells George that he did not want to lie to Lois, but he wanted Duncan to never find out about it. George announces he contacted a girl from The Daily Worker. Kramer comes in, dressed as Santa Claus for his new job at Collman's department that Mickey Abbott got him. Lois then rings Jerry, telling him that Duncan wants to meet up for lunch. George says he will turn up, pretend he has not seen Jerry since high school, and back up his winning story.

At the department store, Ned gets Kramer interested in Communist practices. George has also been contacted by Natalie from The Daily Worker at work, and his secretary, Ada, now thinks George is a communist. At Monk's, while Duncan is protesting the race, George turns up, pretending he has not seen Jerry in years, and backs Jerry's story; George also takes the opportunity to lie about being a millionaire architect and when and to whom he lost his virginity.

Duncan proposes another race but Jerry refuses ("I choose not to run"). Duncan starts to call up everyone from high school to come out for the race and Jerry gets worried the legend will die. Mickey and Kramer discuss Communism. Meanwhile, George has been called into George Steinbrenner's office, as he is a suspected communist.

At Elaine's, she gets Ned Isakof blacklisted from Hop Sing's after she orders delivery under his name ("name names!"). Back at the department store, Kramer (as Santa) is accused by a kid of spreading communist propaganda; Kramer and Mickey are fired. Upon meeting Lois, Jerry finds out that unless he races, Duncan will fire Lois. When talking to Steinbrenner, George finds out he is being sent to Cuba to recruit baseball talent.

Interestingly, Elaine's Communist boyfriend Ned bears more than a passing resemblance to Fourth International Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. In the episode, Elaine mentions this, to which Ned is flattered.

At the race, Kramer's car exhaust makes a noise that sees Jerry get another unnoticed head start. With the Superman theme playing in the background, Jerry runs to the finish line and keeps the legend alive. He hugs Lois (after knocking Elaine out of the way) and then winks at the camera. When Jerry breaks the fourth wall and winks to the camera after he says "Maybe I will, Lois. Maybe I will," this was the second instance of breaking the fourth wall in the series, excluding the retrospective The Highlights of 100 and the start of "The Clip Show". They did it in The Mango, which was the premier to season five. Jerry wanted to tell Estelle Costanza a joke and she replied, "Tell it to the audience".

The last scene is George talking with "el Presidente".