Forbidden releases Distortion

Distortion is the third album from San Francisco, California thrash metal band, Forbidden.

It comes five years after their second, Twisted into Form, was released. It expands on the increasing "dark" and "moody" feel of Twisted. Many do not consider Distortion to be truly a thrash album, as it has many mid and slower paced songs, many of which have more modern groove metal influences, and also some very long, heavy and dark progressive tracks that evoke Nevermore and, to a lesser extent Train of Thought era Dream Theater. A single was made for the track "No Reason", that also featured a video. The album was released through the years from 1994 to 1997 three times, on three different labels (Gun Records, Massacre Records and, finally, Fierce Records) with three different cover artworks. There is then a fourth, much more simple artwork featured on the cover for the promotional version of the album, hosted in cardboard sleeve. The only line-up change for the recording of "Distortion" was Steve Jacobs replacing Paul Bostaph who had since left for Slayer.