"The Gymnast" - Season 6 Episode 6 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Gymnast" is the 92nd episode of Seinfeld.

This was the 6th episode for the 6th season. It aired on November 3, 1994, during a special "Blackout Thursday" night on NBC, in which all shows in the Must See TV line-up, except this one, featured a fictional New York City blackout (e.g., Friends episode "The One with the Blackout").

Plot Summary:

Jerry dates Katya, a Romanian gymnast and silver medal-winner in the 1984 Olympics. Kramer encourages him to have sex with her, since she is probably very "flexible." Jerry can only think of a conversation involving dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. George is given another shot with Lindsay, whom he met while trying to join a book club to read Breakfast at Tiffany's ("The Couch"). Jerry and Kramer find out about one of George's odd bathroom habits: whenever he goes into the "office" he takes off his shirt so as to feel "no encumbrances." Jerry talks about how George is better with the mothers of his girlfriends rather than with the girlfriends themselves.

Kramer goes to Mr. Pitt's office to retrieve a 3-D painting that Elaine took to frame. Kramer leaves early as he feels intense pain which turns out is a kidney stone. Mr. Pitt becomes obsessed with finding the "spaceship" image in the 3-D painting. In place of Mr. Pitt, Elaine goes to a merger meeting between Morgan Springs and Poland Creek, but starts a dispute because of the suggested name "Moland" Springs. At Lindsay's mother's house George impresses Mrs. Enright with his gentlemanly demeanor, until he is caught by her eating a partially eaten chocolate éclair out of the trash can.

George assures Jerry that the cake was clean and "on top", but Jerry says George has crossed the border between man and bum. George explains over the phone and gets another chance with Lindsay. Kramer brings Jerry a videotape of the 1984 Olympics and Jerry decides to go for it with Katya. Later, Jerry comments with Elaine of his disappointment with the sexual tryst (there was nothing gymnastic about it) and she tells him he is now committed to dating Katya for at least three more weeks.

At the street George buys a cup of coffee but he does not like it and throws it away, accidentally splashing a nearby automobile. George is spotted washing the windshield by Lindsay's mother, who is now convinced that he is a bum. George has to apologize once more and gets another opportunity with Lindsay.

Since it was Kramer's idea, Jerry wants him to come along with himself and Katya to the circus, to watch the performance of Katya's friend Misha. However, Kramer is afraid of clowns. At the circus' restroom, Kramer finally passes the kidney stone, but he screams so loudly that he makes Misha fall from the high wire. Katya tells Jerry about a Romanian legend of "the comedian" – a man with great libido – and breaks up with him because he was not the otherworldly "sensual experience" she expected. At Lindsay's mother's place there is a small party, and they have placed a 3-D painting in the bathroom which is "mesmerizing." George goes into the bathroom but then leaves without putting his shirt back on, which shocks all the other party guests.

Mr. Pitt has lost three days trying to see the image in the 3-D painting. He now sees it right before going to an important meeting discussing the merger. Elaine, who has her hands covered in ink, breaks the picture and snaps her boss from the trance. However, she spills ink on him and he goes to the meeting with a painted mustache, making him look like Adolf Hitler. Aside from the visual humor, the scene alludes to Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939 through the juxtaposition of the imagery and the bottled water brand name.