Seongsu Bridge Collapse

Around 07:40 hours on October 21, 1994, Seongsu Bridge connecting Seongsu-dong and Apgujeong-dong of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, collapsed.

The slab (48 m) between the fifth and the sixth leg of the Bridge collapsed so 32 people died and 17 people were injured while they were on the way to office or school.

Seongsu Bridge is the 11th bridge constructed over Han River. Its construction was set about on April 9, 1977 and completed on October 15, 1979, 2 years and 6 months later. It is four-lane bridge with 19.4m width and 1,160.8m length.

The Seongsu Bridge is a bridge over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. The bridge links the Seongdong and Gangnam districts. The cantilever bridge was completed in 1979 and its total length is 1160 m. It became infamous when it collapsed on October 21, 1994.

The bridge collapsed early in the morning when one of its concrete slabs fell due to a failure of the suspension structure. This structural failure was caused by improper welding of the steel trusses of the suspension structure beneath the concrete slab roadway.

In the accident 32 people died and 17 were injured. Afterwards, the bridge was supposed to be repaired, but because of a weakness in the structure, it had to be completely redesigned and rebuilt. The new design was finished on 15 August 1997, and is similar to the original design.

At 07:40 on October 21 (Fri), 1994, 48m of the central region of Seongsu Bridge suddenly collapsed, which across Han River running Seoul the capital city of Korea, urban bus and 6 passenger cars that driving down the bridge fell in river about 20m below one after another. The fallen bridge girder which is upper part of pavement part did not sink in the underwater, since it was the dry season and the water depth was 3-5m, and urban bus and passenger cars which fell in the top wrecked and they became rolling big disaster. The victims were 17 day girls who on the bus and almost the other were workers driving to the office.