"The Chinese Woman" - Season 6 Episode 4 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Chinese Woman" is the 90th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

This was the 4th episode for the 6th season. It aired on October 13, 1994.

Plot Summary:

Jerry and Elaine see George's father, Frank Costanza, with a man in a cape (Larry David), but don't say hello. Jerry talks to a woman, Donna Chang (played by Angela Dohrmann), on George's phone line after the wires get crossed and he gets a date with her, thinking she's Chinese because of her surname. Kramer goes to a fertility clinic. Elaine ruins her friend Noreen's latest romance with a "long talker." George's life is made miserable when the man in the cape is revealed to be Frank's lawyer and his parents are separating. Kramer discovers he has a low sperm count and must stop wearing jockey shorts. Boxer shorts make him feel uncomfortable, so he decides to wear no underwear at all.

Later, Jerry meets Donna, who is not Chinese, but actually shortened her last name Changstein to Chang while taking on Chinese stereotypes, such as displaying interest in acupuncture or slipping an occasional Engrish into a conversation.

Donna talks over the phone to George's mother, Estelle, convincing her not to divorce (by citing Confucius). When George introduces Donna to his parents, Estelle realizes she is not Chinese and doesn't acknowledge her advice, deciding to go on with the divorce.

At the end of the episode, Noreen is standing on the edge of the Queensboro Bridge considering jumping off when Frank Costanza's caped lawyer appears. She asks "Who are you?" to which he responds "I'm Frank Costanza's lawyer". He then leads her slowly and safely off the bridge.