Osama Bin Laden training in Sudan

Osama Bin Laden began recruiting terrorists groups to train for one goal, to destroy The United States of America.

Initially, each group had their own agenda and fought their battles in many different ways. Osama Bin Laden had to convince these extremists that The United States was their common enemy.

The United States was the last standing New World Order Police after the collapse of The former Soviet Union. Osama Bin Laden believed the US were cowards and would run away if they were dealt several sufficient blows. Osama Bin Laden set up campground outside of Khartoum Sudan where he began his propaganda. al-qaeda was trained and funded under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden.

Osama Bin Laden believed the US was standing in the way of advancing Islam. Osama was a Muslim with extreme beliefs. Osama believed anyone who was not directly for them was their enemy and waged war. Osama would train his terrorists in his farm in Sudan to carry out specific terrorist attacks at specific locations.

In October 1993 The US was assisting the UN in famine relief efforts in Somalia. Osama Bin Laden believed this was an opportunity to assist the rebels in Africa to stop the US from feeding starving Africans. The rebels wanted to control the people and the food supply. Al-Qaeda wanted the US to stop being the world police. The rebels wanted nothing to do with al-Qaeda and refused their help. The rebels shot down a US helicopter and al-Qaeda took credit for the offense.

Eventually, Osama was short on money and longed to return home to Saudi Arabia. On March 5, 1994 King Fahd had enough of Osama and his terrorism and banned him from returning home. The Bin Laden family immediately suspended Osama’s cash flow from The Bin Laden group. Osama missed his family and his mosque. Osama believed Mecca to be the holy land for all Muslims because the prophet Mohammed was from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Osama refused to publicly apologize to King Fahd which was the only way for he to get his citizenship back.