Hasan al-Alfi Assassination Attempt

Ayman Zawahiri wanted to capture the government of Egypt, and in August 1993, he unsuccessfully attempt to kill the Interior Minister Hasan al-Alfi.

Al-Alfi was leading a crackdown on Islamic militants, and Zawahiri used a suicide bomber placed on a motorcycle next to the Minister's car to try to kill him. The attack was unsuccessful at killing al-Alfi, but he did suffer a broken arm.

Through this attempt, Zawahiri introduced the idea of suicide bombers into the al-Jihad. Though previously thought to be taboo by Sunni groups, Zawahiri convinced his followers that they were performing an act of martyrdom. He recorded their vow's of martyrdom on the night before their mission, and then distributed the tapes to fellow members to justify their suicide decision. It would be used in future al-Qaeda assassinations, and would help suicide bombers become the signature of martyrdom operations.

The attack shows the whole world that these terrorists are killers and butchers who have no religion or conscience. We urge all citizens to fight them

— Hasan al-Alfi