Voivod release The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits is the seventh album released by Canadian heavy metal band Voivod, issued via Mechanic/MCA Records in 1993.

This was the final album to feature vocalist Denis Bélanger until his 2002 return.

The Outer Limits was also Voivod's first album without original bassist Blacky, who had left the band after the release of the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful 1991 album Angel Rat. Uncomfortable with the idea of bringing in an immediate replacement for Blacky, Voivod opted to have session musician Pierre St-Jean play bass guitar for the recording of the album.

The album features, "The Nile Song," a cover song by progressive rock band Pink Floyd and their longest song "Jack Luminous" tracking in at 17 minutes and 26 seconds.

When originally issued, the CD came with a miniature pair of 3D glasses in order to view the booklet art correctly.

Greg Saunier, drummer of the prominent, experimental indie band Deerhoof has cited "Jack Luminous" as his favorite song of all time.