Royal Plaza Hotel Collapse

At approximately 10:10 am.

on August 13, 1993, the six-storey building of the Royal Plaza Hotel collapsed swiftly and totally, leaving high only the front elevator hall, which was built with structural separation from the rest. The collapse was mostly vertical and after the collapse, leaving a neat floor-to-floor stack of concrete slabs. For structural engineers, the impression of the collapse reminds of a professionally torn-down building with the use of explosives. The entire building moved downwards under its own weight within seconds and with no time to fall sideways.

At the time of collapse, the building was occupied by 379 people. Among them are 117 government officials from the Education Ministry were attending a seminar in Benchamas Room on the second floor, 59 from Shell (Thailand) in Pikul-Chuanchom Room on the fourth floor, and 78 as general hotel clients. The rest are 125 hotel staff. At the end of the rescue operation on September 3, 1993, it was reported 127 killed, and 227 injured.

A six-story hotel in a provincial capital collapsed while about 300 people attended meetings inside, an official radio station reported. The report said it was not known whether there were any casualties in the collapse of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Korat, 136 miles northeast of Bangkok. The radio station of the Mass Communications Authority of Thailand said the collapse occurred at 10:10 a.m. local time. The report said about 300 people were attending seminars and meetings at the hotel. There were no other details.

Rescue workers in northeastern Thailand searched today for scores of people believed to be trapped in the ruins of a six-story hotel that collapsed on Friday, killing dozens of people.

Using crowbars and jackhammers to dig through the rubble, rescue teams in Nakorn Ratchasima said several people still in the flattened remains of the hotel were able to call on mobile phones to plead for help.

Just after dawn today, more than 20 hours after the collapse, rescue workers pulled a pregnant woman alive from the tangle of steel and concrete debris of the hotel, the Royal Plaza, which had once been considered the most luxurious hotel in Nakorn Ratchasima, also known as Korat, a provincial capital about 150 miles northeast of Bangkok. More than 200 people were injured in the collapse.