Death releases Individual Thought Patterns

Individual Thought Patterns is the fifth album by the death metal band Death, released in 1993.

The album continues to expand on the technical, progressive style that began with Human, and incorporates elements of jazz as well. Founder, vocalist, and lead guitarist, Chuck Schuldiner is the main contributor to this album, which features guitarist Andy Larocque, drummer Gene Hoglan and bassist Steve DiGiorgio.

This album contains the Death track "The Philosopher", for which a music video was made that received airplay on MTV and was even reviewed, and heavily criticized, by Beavis & Butthead, where the duo mistake the boy in the video for Jeremy from the Pearl Jam video and mock Schuldiner's vocals. According to, it is the 100th greatest heavy metal album of all time. Also according to Metal-Rules, it is the 11th greatest extreme metal album of all time It is included in Guitar Player Magazine's Metal Guitar albums Top 20.