"The Pilot, Part 2" - Season 4 Episode 24 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Pilot" is the two-part season finale episode from fourth season of Seinfeld.

It is the sixty-third and sixty-fourth episode and aired on May 20, 1993.

This two-part episode aired at an earlier time. 8:00 P.M, to make room for the two-hour finale of Cheers, whose timeslot would be claimed by Seinfeld at the start of the new fall season. Approximately 32 million watched this episode (both parts) when it initially aired, and the show became a major ratings grab for its next five seasons.

Plot Summary:

Rehearsals for the pilot begin. NBC executive Russell Dalrymple's obsession with Elaine begins to affect his work; she tries to let him down easy by saying she can't be in a relationship with a high-powered man and would prefer to be with someone selfless, such as a member of Greenpeace. Kramer resolves his constipation by administering himself an enema. George mistakenly thinks that his white spot has been diagnosed as cancer and goes on a tirade at NBC, only to discover that he misunderstood the diagnosis. At the taping of the pilot, "Crazy" Joe Davola jumps out of the audience and onto the set while yelling "Sic semper tyrannis;" he's removed and the taping goes well. The pilot airs, and numerous characters from past episodes comment on its accuracy. In order to prove himself worthy of Elaine, Russell joins Greenpeace and is lost at sea during a botched assault on a whaling ship. His replacement at NBC dislikes the show and cancels it. In the end, George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine convalesce at Monk's, where Elaine finally calls out the owner of the cafe for only hiring large breasted women; the owner explains that they are all his daughters, and everything goes back to normal. The last scene is Russell trying to be saved by his ship mates. He presumably drowns and dies. The cover for the Jerry Pilot script floats away at sea, along with the former NBC president.