Aerosmith releases Get a Grip

Get a Grip is the eleventh studio album by American Rock band Aerosmith, released in 1993.

It was the band's last studio album released by Geffen Records.

Get a Grip contains five hit singles, four of which charted in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, between 1993 and 1994: "Livin' on the Edge", "Eat the Rich", "Cryin'", "Amazing" and "Crazy". The promotional videos for the three latter songs helped launch the careers of actress Alicia Silverstone and vocalist Steven Tyler's daughter Liv.

Track listing
# Title Music Length
1. "Intro" Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance 0:26
2. "Eat the Rich" Tyler, Perry, Vallance 4:09
3. "Get a Grip" Tyler, Perry, Vallance 3:58
4. "Fever" Tyler, Perry 4:15
5. "Livin' on the Edge" Tyler, Perry, Mark Hudson 6:20
6. "Flesh" Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child 5:56
7. "Walk on Down" Perry 3:37
8. "Shut Up and Dance" Tyler, Perry, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw 4:55
9. "Cryin'" Tyler, Perry, Taylor Rhodes 5:08
10. "Gotta Love It" Tyler, Perry, Hudson 5:58
11. "Crazy" Tyler, Perry, Child 5:16
12. "Line Up" Tyler, Perry, Lenny Kravitz 4:02
13. "Amazing" Tyler, Richard Supa 5:56
14. "Boogie Man" (Recorded by Tony Lentini) Tyler, Perry, Vallance 2:16