Ayman al-Zawahiri Starts Soliciting Money for al-Jihad

Soon after the World Trade Center bombing, Ayman al-Zawahiri entered the US and started soliciting American Arabs and American Afghans for money to help fund al-Jihad.

For many years before he came, previous terrorists had used American Islams for monetary support to fund their jihads. Zawahiri hoped to use this vessel for his own cause.

When he arrived, he toured Californian mosques hoping to persuade people to donate. While in California, he had an Egyptian man, who was skilled in espionage, named Ali Abdelsoud Mohammed who would become his own terror in years to come.

He entered into the US under a false name, posed as a representative of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, and claimed to be raising money for Afghan children who had been injured by Soviet Union landmines. Although he had high hopes for his mission in America, he only raised around $2,000. The shortcomings of his fundraising efforts would be one of the major factors of the later merge between al-Jihad and al-Qaeda.