The Other World Trade Center Bombing

Abdul Basit Mahmoud Abdul Karim, or Ramzi Yousef, as he was more commonly known, detonated a massive bomb in the World Trade Center underground parking garage.

Yousef had intended the 1500 lbs urea nitrate-hydrogen bomb to topple the north tower into the south tower, then into the surrounding area. Although the bomb blew a two hundred foot crater into the concrete, neither tower collapsed.The explosion would result in 6 dead and another 1042 people injured. Over air television signal was lost for over a week and telephone service was also disrupted.

Ramzi Yousef's attack was in response to United States' support for Israel.Yousef had intended to cause 250,000 casualties, sufficient reciprocity, he thought, for Palestinian deaths caused by American support for Israel.

Yousef would eventually be captured by the Inter-Services Intelligence and US Diplomatic Security Service in Islamabad, Pakistan. Yousef was returned to New York City for trial and found guilty. Yousef is now serving a 240 year sentence at the ADX supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

If the U.S. government keeps supporting Israel ... then we will continue to carry out operations inside and outside the United States... All people who support the U.S. government are our targets in our future plans, and that is becuase all those people are responsible for their government's actions and they support the U.S. foreign policy and are satisfied with it.
-Ramzi Yousef