Motörhead release Bastards

Bastards is the eleventh album by the British band Motörhead, and the first studio album they recorded with the short-lived Lemmy, Campbell, Würzel and Mikkey Dee line-up.

It was also the first of four Motörhead albums that were produced by Howard Benson. After unsuccessfully commercialising the success of 1916 with its 1992 follow up March or Die, the band returned to their roots, being loud and fast. The lyrical themes range from social criticism ("On Your Feet or on Your Knees"), war ("Death or Glory", "I am the Sword") to child abuse ("Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me") and total mayhem ("Burner").

"Born to Raise Hell" was later recorded with Ice T and Whitfield Crane and released as a single (including a version on picture disc). This version of the song was featured in the movie Airheads.

Joe Petagno, long time Motörhead sleeve artist, revealed in a rare interview on the Inferno 30th Anniversary edition bonus DVD that the album was originally to be titled Devils. He had already drawn up a cover to reflect this title when it was changed.