Somali Famine

In October 1993 Osama Bin Laden sent reprersentatives from al-Qaeda to assist the African rebels disrupt The US on a Un mission to help with the famine in Africa.

The US wanted to peacefully deliver food and resources to the Africans while The African rebels meant to control the food supply. al-Qaeda sent 5 men to assist the rebels looking at a chance to assist anyone against The US.

The rebles had no use for the 5 al-Qaeda men that were sent. One of the Arbas complained, "The Somalis treated us in a bad way." The rebels did destroy an American Blackhawk helicopter and there were American casualties. al-Qaeda claimed they had sent 250 men and claimed credit for the American casualties.

The Somalis treated us in a bad way. We have tried to convince them that we were messengers for people behind us, but they were not convinced. Due to the bad leadership here we decided to withdraw.”

— Arab