"The Ticket" - Season 4 Episode 4 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Ticket" is the forty-fourth episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

It was the 4th episode of the fourth season. It aired on September 16, 1992.

Plot Summary:

Kramer suffers side effects from his head injury because "Crazy" Joe Davola kicked him in the head. NBC gives Jerry and George another meeting and on the way, Jerry throws out a watch his parents gave him. He then meets his Uncle Leo, who picks the watch out of the garbage. Kramer agrees to be an alibi for Newman's trial on a speeding ticket. George and Jerry meet with NBC executives and they give the go ahead for a pilot. Later they hide in the coffee shop, afraid of an attack from "Crazy" Joe Davola. Elaine's shrink realizes that he didn't leave an extra prescription for Joe Davola, for the time while he's on vacation.

Although we see the words 'To Be Continued' at the end, it's actually a seperate episode, not part of a two-parter.