"The Pitch" - Season 4 Episode 3 of Seinfeld First Airs

"The Pitch" is the 43rd episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

It is the third episode of the fourth season. It aired on September 16, 1992.

Plot Summary:
NBC executives ask Jerry to come up with an idea for a TV series. George decides he can be a sitcom writer and comes up with "nothing." Kramer trades a radar detector for a helmet, and later Newman receives a speeding ticket.

While waiting to meet the NBC executives, George and Jerry meet "Crazy" Joe Davola, a writer and "a total nut" who goes to the same therapist as Elaine. Jerry, searching for conversation, mentions Kramer's party, to which Joe was not invited. While discussing the disaster of the meeting with NBC, George focuses on starting a relationship with the female executive, Susan Ross. Kramer drinks spoiled milk and vomits on her. The helmet saves Kramer from an attack by "Crazy" Joe Davola. This attack leaves him suffering of hemispatial neglect (forgets to dress half of his body properly, forgets to shave half his face, etc). While all this is occurring, Elaine is in Europe with her therapist.