Lance Armstrong finished 14th in his first Olympics

In 1992, he finished 14th place in the road race at the Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He turned professional right after the Olympics. That same year he finished last in the San Sebastian Classic, his first race as a professional.

It became clear that his greatest talent was for bicycle racing after he won the U.S. amateur championship in 1991. Representing the U.S., he finished 14th in the 1992 Summer Olympics with the help of teammate Bob Mionske. This performance earned him his first professional contract with Motorola with whom he won his first race, the Trophee Laigueglia in Italy, beating the favourite Moreno Argentin. Also in 1992, Armstrong competed in the Tour of Ireland race.

Lance Armstrong competed in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, where he placed 14th in the road race. After the Olympics, Armstrong turned pro and joined the Motorola cycling team. His pro career didn't get off to a great start, as Lance Armstrong finished dead last in his first race.