Suicidal Tendencies release The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion is the fifth full-length album by Suicidal Tendencies.

It was released in 1992 on the Sony Music label.

It is widely considered to be Suicidal's "experimental" album. Mike Clark himself acknowledged this, but also mentioned that the album was not planned that way, and was just a reflection of the band's musical growth. The songs show the bands continuing experimentation with funk that had begun on this album's predecessor, Lights...Camera...Revolution!, as well as more progressive song structures, a somewhat more alternative atmosphere, and even pop-oriented sounds. This helped the band not only outride the explosion of alternative rock in the early 1990s, it also helped them gain a fan base within that community. Nonetheless, the album still stays true to the band's thrash and hardcore roots on many of the songs.

At almost 60 minutes long, The Art of Rebellion is Suicidal Tendencies' longest album to date. Singles included "Nobody Hears", "Asleep At The Wheel", and the band's most successful single yet, "I'll Hate You Better". It has since achieved gold status and peaked at number 52 on the Billboard Top 100.

Longtime drummer R.J. Herrera left the band prior to the recording of the album. The band actually performed as an incomplete four-piece throughout the tour for this album. Josh Freese was drafted to play drums for the album, but had no creative input and did not appear on the back cover of the album. However, he is to be seen in the band's video for "Nobody Hears".

As of 2008, the album has been demoted to a budget release.