"The Good Samaritan" - Season 3 Episode 20 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Good Samaritan" is the thirty-eighth episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

The episode was the 20th episode for the third season. It aired on March 4, 1992. This is the only episode of Seinfeld to be directed by Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza.

Within this episode are several memorable bits. One is Jerry's suggestion that there should be an alternative to saying, "God bless you" after someone sneezes. In real life, the cast and crew had hoped the saying, "You are so good looking", would catch on with fans just as "These pretzels are making me thirsty" did. Another bit concerns Kramer having seizures every time he hears Mary Hart's voice. This bit is based on an actual case reported in the New England Journal of Medicine

This was the only episode of "Seinfeld" to be directed by one of the stars, and it's Jason Alexander in charge of the megaphone for this one.

Plot Summary:

Jerry witnesses a hit-and-run driver hitting another car. He is on the car phone with Elaine at the time, who tells him he has to go after the driver. He does, but when the driver steps out he realizes that she is a beautiful woman (played by Melinda McGraw) and decides to date her.

Jerry lies to Elaine saying he went into Queens and intimidated the man with karate moves. After dating the hit-and-run driver (Angela), Jerry finds out she also hit Becky (played by Helen Slater), another woman he has always wanted to date. He tells Becky that he will do something about the damage. Meanwhile, Kramer has convulsions from Mary Hart's voice.

George and Elaine go out to dinner with a married couple. Elaine makes up an elaborate story that she once dated a romantic matador from Spain named "Eduardo Corrochio", making his name up hesitantly on the spot (actually a famous person by the name of Eduardo Corrochio does exist). When the wife (played by Ann Talman) sneezes, George casually tells her "God bless you", but her husband (played by Joseph Malone) does not say anything. When George points this out, the husband, Michael, gets mad. His wife, Robin, likes George, and they have an affair. As George and Robin are in bed together, Michael calls Elaine to find out where his wife is. Elaine does not know, but soon realizes that Robin used her as an excuse and tries to cover up. Michael doesn't buy it and figures out Robin is with George. He then exclaims into the phone, "He's finished! I'm going to sew his ass to his face! I'm going to twist his neck so hard his lips will be his eyebrows! I'm going to break his joints, and reattach them!"

Meanwhile, Jerry confronts Angela about Becky's car, but unfortunately Elaine walks in at that very moment and figures out that Jerry "lied" about his story. Jerry goes to Becky's house to write out a check for her damage and then ask her out, but Becky falsely accuses him of hitting her car. George manages to escape from Michael by joining Jerry on vacation. Kramer uses the accident as an excuse to talk to Becky and ends up getting a date with her. But when he rings the bell at her apartment and she opens the door, Mary Hart is on the TV and Kramer has another convulsion.