Erzincan Earthquake of 1992

At least 498 people killed, 2,000 injured, some missing; 2,200 houses heavily damaged at Erzincan. Landslides and avalanches blocked a number of roads in the epicentral area. Felt strongly in many parts of northeastern Turkey.

On March 13, the 1992 Erzincan earthquake struck Eastern Turkey. Originating on the North Anatolian Fault, it rocked the country, leaving more than 497 people dead, roughly 2,000 injured, and an unknown amount missing.

The Erzincan strike-slip earthquake of March 13, 1992 ruptured a section of the North Anatolian fault (NAF) at the northern margin of the Erzincan basin. The focal depth of about 10 km was less than given by ISC and MEIC. Erzincan and the surrounding villages were considerably damaged. In the Erzincan basin and in the neighborhood mountains a seismic network of ten stations was installed. It was operating continuously from March 21 through June 16, 1992. More than 3000 aftershocks were recorded of which 505 could be located.