Yemen Hotel Bombings

On December 29, 1992 American troops were targeted in two bombings in Yemen.

The bombs failed to kill any Americans but bin Laden still accepted credit for the floundered attacks that went unnoticed in the United States. Even though no American soldiers were killed there were 2 innocent bystanders that had perished. Members of al-Qaeda began to question the future of the organization. Abu Hajer, bin Laden’s imam, made a speech on the killing of innocent people. He declared that Ibn Tamiyyah, a thirteenth-century scholar had issued a historic fatwa after Mongols had savaged Baghdad but then converted to Islam. Therefore, the two people who had been killed unintentionally would find their faith after death on whether they were a good Muslim or a bad Muslim. With two new fatwas issued by Abu Hajer, al-Qaeda had turned into a worldwide terrorist organization with America as its main target.