"The Suicide" - Season 3 Episode 15 of Seinfeld Premiers

"The Suicide" is an episode of the sitcom Seinfeld.

The episode was the 15th episode for the show's third season. It aired on January 29, 1992.

Plot Summary:

Elaine needs to fast before an x-ray, so she tries stuffing herself three days before the test. After his neighbor Martin (John Mousadis) tries to commit suicide, Jerry is hit on by his girlfriend, Gina (Gina Gallego), while at the hospital. A psychic warns George to cancel his vacation to the Cayman Islands. However, Elaine offends her because she is smoking while pregnant, and the psychic kicks them out before she can tell George why he should cancel his vacation. In fear, George sells his ticket to Kramer.

Jerry becomes worried when Newman (a friend of Martin) sees him with Gina. Elaine starts hallucinating from hunger. Everything hinges on a Drake's coffee cake.

While in the Caymans, Kramer plays nude backgammon with Elle Macpherson, one of the models there for a shooting of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, off-camera. Upon his return, he explains to George that he was stung on the foot by a jellyfish and that is why the psychic didn't want him to go on his trip. George sarcastically agrees.