Kyuss release Wretch

Wretch is the first full-length album by Kyuss.

It was released in September 1991, on Dali Records. Previously calling themselves Sons of Kyuss, they shortened their name prior to releasing this.

Many band members have stated that they don't consider this to be their "debut" album. Most of the songs are re-recorded versions off of their self-released demo, even some appearing untouched from it. Not sure if the record was ever to be released, several songs were left off hoping to be recorded better. Eventually several of these songs found a place on the followup Blues For The Red Sun, which featured considerably better recording techniques. By the time of this album's release, the band was disenchanted with the poor sound quality and were determined to record a more accurate studio album to reflect the band.

It's important to note that although the album liner notes credit several band members with song credits, the album is actually published by the entire band under the name Cacti Music (BMI). This was abandoned on all later Kyuss releases, instead with each band member receiving sole writing and publishing credit for their own songs or contributions.